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Gloves: The Wonder Barrier

At this point in my life, I do not exchange fluids with anyone. Beyond makin’ out about it, I don’t want any of your fluids and I don’t want to give you mine. I practice safe sex as adamantly as I practice consent in my partnerships. I always have a bag of supplies on me, […]

Why Sex and Love Should be Taught Separately

I have already discussed how “Sex” is a really subjective term, and is not reliable as a stand-alone vocabulary word for teaching. I want to make it very clear that I think that having sex with someone you love can be wonderful. I think sex is wonderful, I think love is wonderful, and when they […]


Being Your Own Primary Partner

I am my own primary partner. I do things for myself that are just to show me how much I love myself. I go on dates with me. I go on long bike rides, I row boats, I bake cookies, I wear clothes that make me feel good, I am learning to play ukulele, I […]

Foods that make your fluids taste like capitalism

So there is this myth that eating a ton of clementines, a ton of pineapple, a ton of whatever miracle food will make your fluids taste like clementine/pineapple/miracle food. This is as untrue as the “Mountain Dew makes you sterile” myth. Your fluids are going to taste like body fluids. Your cum should not taste […]

Reflections of a 2nd Wave Fan-Girl: The 40th Anniversary of “Our Bodies Ourselves”

So um, ain’t no party like a feminist party. Yesterday I attended the 40th anniversary conference for Our Bodies, Ourselves. “OBOS” as it is affectionately referred to, is “more than just a book, its a tool for action.” It is subversive, challenging, and has changed lives all over the world since it was first published […]

Fun Stuff Friday: Remembering Our Bodies Ourselves

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow I am going to the 40th anniversary of Our Bodies Ourselves. I am super excited. My mom is also coming with me, which should be wonderful/challenging/interesting/stressful/holycrapfeelings. She gave me her first edition copy of Our Bodies Ourselves when I was in 4th grade. It changed everything. I loved, and will forever love, […]

Red Flags: Violence in Women’s Spaces

Violence is something that I spend a lot of time thinking about. On a personal level, violence in my life has greatly shaped my growth and experiences. And on an academic level, that I am an activist and student of violence prevention adds another level to how I need to be/am aware of violence around […]

Fun Stuff Friday: 3-D Vulva

Happy Friday everyone! I hope it is filled with coffee with rad people, sunbeams, and feeling good about your body. Today I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite anatomy links in awhile. This is 3D Vulva.com. This is an example of some of the great visual aids that you will find […]

Alcohol, Rape Culture’s Perfect Weapon

Trigger warning for blunt, direct discussion of sexual violence and assault. Growing up, my father continually reminded me to “consider the context” when I was flustered or angry about something. It is the first best piece of life guidance I have ever received, and probably why I am now a sociology major. The second best […]

Your Doctor Works For You

A few weeks ago I acquired my first speculum. I know. I am a huge nerd. It was a gift from my wonderful boss Megara, and I love it to death. I plan on using it in classes to pass around to discuss doctors and what happens during specific examinations. Doctors can be really scary. […]


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