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Getting “Over It” (a brief manifesto)

(trigger warning for blunt discussion of sexual assault) The other night I hung out with two of my best and most brilliant friends. We made pasta with capers and pine nuts, drank tea, and discussed our activism and how we each feel rape culture should be combatted. We discussed kink, friendship, how one of us […]

Toy Review: Hitachi Magic Wand

This vibrator really does not need an introduction. This is the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager. Also known as the Cadillac of vibrators. It has been around since the 1970s and is known for being, well, a friggin’ Hitachi. This vibrator is so intense, I often sell them at the store with an adapter so that […]

Storm’s A Comin’- How to make a hurricane-ready safe sex kit

Good morning friends/the internet. Tomorrow a big storm is going to hit Massachusetts. My family will be dealing with it today home in coastal VA, and my grandmother just called to remind me to tape up my windows and fill up my bathtub. And to have extra batteries. So last time VA was hit really […]

Fun Stuff Friday: 3-D Vulva

Happy Friday everyone! I hope it is filled with coffee with rad people, sunbeams, and feeling good about your body. Today I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite anatomy links in awhile. This is 3D This is an example of some of the great visual aids that you will find […]

Combining The Two Worlds- work and relationships

So, you all know that I have two rabbits with my housemate/past partner. Their names are Thunder and Mason-Dixon. They are both rescue cases, they are bonded for life, and the are in love. Its actually a little painful how cute they are together. Well, rabbits are very curious creatures. And there is no such […]

Fun Stuff Friday: Condom Commercials

Hi all, I am taking a few days to process about some pretty heavy topics that I will be posting about later. Stuff like the male gaze and how it effects sexuality, and sex as a political act. You know, definitely not big scary triggering topics or anything. However, I would like to start a […]

Shared Link: Femme-phobia

This is a really nice intro into gender in our society as well as internalized misogyny. An excerpt: “Femmephobia is the devaluation, fear and hatred of the feminine: of softness, nurturance, dependence, emotions, passivity, sensitivity, grace, innocence and the color pink. To a large degree, our culture has replaced the fear and hatred of women, with […]

Sex Is Hilarious and Pleasure is Going to Change the World (a less serious post about doin’ it)

My posts recently have been pretty heavy-handed. So because I am not in the mood to do a toy review, I wanted to discuss one of the reasons why I love sex. It’s hilarious. And that rules. Sex is funny. It’s playful. Its meant to be fun! Pleasure is your effin’ birthright. Pursue that shit! […]

Alcohol, Rape Culture’s Perfect Weapon

Trigger warning for blunt, direct discussion of sexual violence and assault. Growing up, my father continually reminded me to “consider the context” when I was flustered or angry about something. It is the first best piece of life guidance I have ever received, and probably why I am now a sociology major. The second best […]

Break Ups and Victim Blaming

I often ask the internet for life guidance. Recently, that guidance has been googling “coping with a break up” and reading as much as I can on the topic. Well, I have recently stopped googling and am now watching a lot of Desperate Housewives and trying to find reasons to leave my bed/the internet. (I […]


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